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UNESCO issues warning about Wood Buffalo National Park due to dams, development

NEWS 1130 An United Nations agency has issued a warning about the environmental health of Canada’s largest national park. Story here. Gros Beak Lake, Wood Buffalo Park. photo by Ansgar Walk

Glyphosate presence in honey raises concerns

The Western Producer A Manitoba honeybee hive.  PinP  photo. For years, environmentalists have said insecticides must be banned to protect bees. Now, some of those same environmental groups are saying that glyphosate must be banned to protect consumers from tainted honey. Story here. Please also read:  "Are Pesticide Regulators on the Take? Canadian Regulators Refuse to Protect Precious Pollinators From Known Toxins. Is Something Crooked Going on Here?" "Field of Nightmares. Ottawa continues to embrace the widespread use of Roundup on Canadian farms, by letting corporate seduction trump scientific evidence."

Scott Pruitt Went on TV to Deny Climate Change

Friends of the Earth. Dear Larry, Don’t let Trump, Pruitt and Congress destroy the EPA. Give $15 or more today! If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately: Express Donate: $15 Express Donate: $25 Express Donate: $50 Or, donate another amount