2014: The Year of Living Consciously

Murray Dobbin - Rabble.ca

Two of the big storms hitting Canada in the last year were not just terrifying and incredibly damaging -- they were a little spooky. Details here.

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Larry Powell said…
I don't know about you. But extreme weather has touched me personally, either through the people I know or the places I've been. A vicious wind in the summer of 2012 downed big trees which narrowly missed my previous home on the farm. As I was cleaning up the debris, I suffered a heart attack which led to major heart surgery. I have since moved to Neepawa, where several Filipinos live and work. Many here have been touched by the tragedy of the typhoon, Haiyan. One of them lost 32 family members! Now, my son Graham has gone through a week of Hell in the ice-storm which ravaged Central Canada over Christmas. Watch his story here:
Climate change has long since stopped being something that affects someone else "over there." To me, it is personal. Calls for solutions need to be shouted from the rooftops by all of us.