Outsourcing is Short-Sighted

Winnipeg Free Press

My initial impression upon reading your Dec. 16 editorial Gear Canada to create new jobs was that the writer was indulging in sarcasm. Sadly, as I read on I realized that the message is that manufacturing and agricultural jobs are better off going off-shore, allowing goods to crisscross continents and oceans before landing on our plates or stores. Details here.


PLT said…
A sensible man and a sensible letter! We need more like this. Putting all our eggs in the basket of globalization and all of our faith into an industrial model of agriculture which continues to idolize "bigness" along with expensive and harmful chemical inputs while keeping small, sustainable family farms down - is madness! A great letter, except, perhaps for one more point. Climate change. The present system stokes this terrible and growing tragedy with its emphasis on exports and imports - all made possible with the use of more and more fossil fuel!