Sunday, 29 December 2013

Canadian Government Slashes Funding For Water Protection

More than $100 million in cuts are underway at the federal department in charge of protecting Canada’s water and oceans, despite recommendations from top bureaucrats that it needs to increase spending for both environmental and economic reasons. Full story here.

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John Fefchak said...

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.
Water is our most precious resource:the life blood of all living things.
It just seems we have so much fresh water in Canada,we don't look after it, and protect it as we know we should.

It is clear that governments have ignored the basic principles and care of Water Stewardship for too many years in the pursuit of narrow economic interests.
Lake Winnipeg has become a horrid reminder of devastation, that we are leaving our children and their children to bear alone.
Lake Erie has a sickness that has returned.
So many of our Lakes have become diseased,.
The name of this disease is 'human complacency.'

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