The Harperites Approve Yet Another Tarsands Mine, Thumbing Their Noses at Mother Earth and First Nations People.

The Canadian Press 

Shell Canada's Jackpine oilsands mine expansion plan has received the go-ahead from Ottawa, despite the environment minister's view that it's "likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects." Details here.


PLT said…
The credibility of this government now hovers around the zero mark for me. And they have the gall to call us environmentalists "radicals." What term would YOU use for a government that is prepared to play Russian Roulette with Earth's balance of nature not to mention her very survivability! Yet Harper believes he still somehow carries the moral authority to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela. I say, stay home and cover your head!
John Fefchak said…
MINISTER FAILS: She said: "Likely to cause significant adverse environmental affects"..later, but because it's a 100,000 barrels a day, expansion is justified. Isn't that, a dereliction of her port-folio? This tells me that Canada's cherished and finite resources will now be extracted and utilized to the best advantage of bolstering Canada's economy, as Prime Minister Harper himself, has said. Conservation and environmental concerns will be allowed to partner with development undertaking, but will not be allowed to impede or get in the way of any ambitious progress. Timing is of the essence, and to hell with all else.Does Canada want or need that kind of environmental protection, or a minister who wears the badge of authority.This is a very important, perhaps the most important of all portfolios within any government.If Leona Aglukkaq had the will and fortitude to apply herself to protecting Canada's environment, as it must and should be protected, she would not last long in the Harper regime. There are so many pit bull Industry/Resources ministers that will oppose her concerns and cares as they ambitiously seek development progress,at any cost, and to hell with any needed protection. As the sixth Environment Minister in the Harper Conservative Government in less than eight years. I did wish her all the best and success in her new undertaking,but she has failed. Her duty of protecting the environment of Canada has been forsaken/compromised for 100,000 barrels of bitumen.
This is a shameful act. She has abandoned her pledge as a Minister to Protect, Preserve and Uphold, that which is all-important for the survival of generations, yet to be born.