Good news! You created a lot of buzz...

Sierra Club Canada

Dear Larry,

Thank you for being part of our campaign to help save the bees! I didn’t need to tell you how important the bees and other pollinators were to our ecosystem and food supply--you understood the situation was dire, took action and made a difference.
So here are the numbers: Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) comment period on neonicotinoid pesticides closed this past Thursday, December 12th having received 10,241 comments from YOU (via the Sierra Club Canada website). Pat yourself on the back – you deserve it.
Obviously we cannot rest on our laurels as there’s much more to be done, but it’s important to take a moment and be proud of our accomplishments to date.

More good news…

I’m excited to report a large foundation is seriously considering a major grant to support our bee work in 2014 through a $120,000 pollinator health education program.
As you know, we’ve assembled a large collaborative of environmental, farming and citizen organizations in our fight to save the bees. Working with these and many new like-minded partners, our foundation proposal is to formally pool our knowledge and resources in an initiative to inform Canadians about the importance of pollinating insects to our ecosystem and food supply.
We’re proposing to host dozens of information nights, webinars and even produce an educational video to share online. Our aim is to keep the heat on the regulators with scientific studies and public pressure until this 21st Century ‘Silent Spring’ is brought to an end.
Here’s the catch: The foundation expects us (you and me) to independently raise $20,000 (roughly 20% of the grant amount) in order to qualify for the funds.

It’s up to us!

I realize it’s the holiday season and everyone is pestering you for contributions, so I am not asking you to contribute anything today, but to simply pledge your support to our bee campaign. It’s urgent because the foundation makes its decision in early January 2014 (next month) and needs to know ASAP if we’re able to meet the 20% in-kind funding eligibility requirement.
All we need from you today is to sign a simple pledge saying you’ll donate at least $25 to our bee campaign sometime in 2014. We just need 800 of you to make this commitment and we can (hopefully) get that grant and REALLY make a difference in 2014. Friends, we can save the bees—we can do this.
Together we’ve accomplished a great deal since the spring when we launched our campaign with a press release. Again, thank you.
John Bennett, National Campaign Director
Sierra Club Canada Foundation
412-1 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7
John on Twitter / Bennett Blog

P.S. – We’re NOT asking you for money today, however, we won’t say no either!Click here if you can make a donation. For more info on our #SaveTheBees campaign click here.