In Northern Gateway Pipeline Decision, Economics Trumped All Else


PLT said…
An interesting recommendation, considering that an astounding 1,159 people appeared before the panel to express their OPPOSITION, while only TWO spoke in support. It is now truly striking how fragile, if not non-existent, our Canadian democracy has become! Gee, I wonder whether the Harperites will approve it, too? Hmmm...
John Fefchak said…
WPG. FREE PRESS. 12/22/ 2013 (Decriminalization of Sex trade unlikely.)

"We view prostitution as bad for society and we view its effects as particularly harmful for our communities and women, and particularly for vulnerable women, and we will continue to oppose prostitution in Canada," Harper said in March 2012 after the Ontario Court of Appeal set in motion Friday's decision by striking down parts of the federal law.

With that said, Harper and his band of merry men continue to worship and praise the all mighty dollar value
as they pursue this pipeline "Tsunami of devastation" They have no moral obligations to society nor the environment. Their lack of integrity and moral principles in this undertaking is recognized. Yet, Prime Minister Harper has the nonsensical boldness to say "we view prostitution being bad for society and harmful to communities" ?
Leaving me to conclude….But it's quite alright to go ahead and ravage nature, pollute the air and waters, and neglect the health and safety of the people. That is acceptable!