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Another Canadian Mining Company "Does its Dirties" to a Sovereign Country - Shame!!!

Dec 11 at 3:08  PM Infinito Gold is threatening a $1 billion lawsuit against Costa Rica for rejecting a toxic, open-pit gold mine after massive protests from local citizens. Tell Infinito Gold to drop its lawsuit against Costa Rica. Dear Larry, Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just  slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect its rainforests rather than host an open-pit gold mine. Costa Rica’s  rainforest is lauded as one of the most beautiful in the world , and is home to many endangered species, including the green macaw. Officials considered approving the gold mine, but the use of toxic chemicals such as cyanide -- which often leaks into and pollutes nearby lakes and rivers -- was  far too great a risk to allow the project to move forward. A subsidiary of  Infinito Gold has announced that a massive lawsuit against Costa Rica is “imminent”, so we need to act now.  If thousands of us stand together against thi

NAFTA Environmental Body Asks Ottawa to Respond to Oilsands Waste Concerns

The Canadian Press  A North American trade body has asked Ottawa to respond to allegations that it has failed to enforce its own laws when it comes to oilsands waste known as tailings. Full story here.

Exploration Company to Lose Drilling (Fracking) Licence Near Newfoundland's Gros Morne Park

InfoTel Multimedia An oil exploration company says it will lose its licence next month to drill wells near Gros Morne National Park in western Newfoundland. Details here.

Ottawa to Designate Crude Oil as Highly Dangerous

The Globe and Mail The federal government will, for the first time, designate crude oil a highly dangerous substance and introduce tougher safety and testing measures for shipping oil by rail.  Details here. Related: " Have Our Servants Become Our Masters? "